Create Case Record In Dynamic 365 Using Microsoft Flow On Receiving Mail in Gmail

The recent release of CRM for Dynamics 365 brought many new features. Microsoft flow is one of them. So come , let’s explore more about it.

Microsoft Flow:  “A cloud based tool that can be used to automate workflow across multiple applications and services without the need for developer help.”

Now let’s see the practical implementation of it.

Scenario: To create case record in dynamic 365 on receiving email in gmail.

A case can be originated from various sources line phone , email, web, social networking sites etc.Here we will create a case record through flow with origin source as email.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings->Microsoft flow->My flows

Step 2. Click “Create from blank”


Step 3. Select GMail connector from the list of connectors available.Select Trigger from the list of triggers.Here we will select “When a new email arrives”.

Step 4. Sign in to Gmail with username and password.

Step 5. Now click  “Add condition”

Step 6. Give condition. Here we give condition as Email Subject contains word MSCRM .

Step 7. Now choose action and select a connector. Here we select “Dynamic 365” as connector and “Create a new record” as action.

Step 8. Give Organization , entity name and then give other fields values .Here firstly we create account record which will be taken as customer in Case record later.

Step 9. Add next step to create case record and pass reference of above created account record in Customer field .Select customer type as account.Set Case Title with Email subject .Set values for other fields.Click Save.

Step 10. To test the  flow, I send a mail on gmail account and the subject line of email contains word “MSCRM”.

Step 11. Check in Case Entity a new case record is created.

Good Luck!! Keep Exploring..


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